How To Balance Motherhood & Marriage Without Losing Yourself


Boss Mom Feature

Angel Lawery

Todays Boss Mom Feature is Angel with The Married Moms Life Coach

She helps moms reclaim their identity. Let’s face it we all get lost in this thing we call motherhood!

“No one’s talking to married moms about the specific struggles we have. Life is very different when you’re married with children, and relationship coaches tend to deal with just the couple. My focus is the woman.

As a mother of 5 children under 16, I can relate to losing yourself in the day to day mommy routine. Your relationship can take a back seat while you’re trying to be Wonder Woman saving the day.

I help married moms reclaim their identities and get their groove back in their relationships. I offer coaching, gatherings and workshops, and accountability partnerships. This is how moms can find the chick they used to be, lose their insecurities about the woman they are today, and get back their “IT” factor.

Biz Mom Tip: Ask for help! I insist. As moms we tend to be everything to everyone and we can get lost in taking care of everyone else. If you can get a virtual assistant, or a personal assistant, please do. Then you can delegate the busy work to them. You will have more time to do the real work in your business and have more quality time with your family.”

– Angel Lawery
The Married Moms’ Life Coach

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