#MomLifeMonday: My Why

Welcome to my first #MomLifeMonday. I asked tons of boss moms what they do, why they went into business for themselves and to give a tip to a mom who may be interested in starting a business.

Today I thought it’d be a wonderful time for me to model that and introduce what this blog is all about. For starters #MomLifeMonday is my way of shedding light on moms in business and of course to rant about motherhood but mostly good stuff. Every Monday you’ll have a post about my life as a mom and a feature post on a boss mom. Get to know these moms, show support and soak up some knowledge you may be needing. Maybe you need their services or maybe you can refer someone to them. I’m all about moms helping moms.

So who is Sam?

I’ve been sewing and designing for 10 years now. I graduated college in 2009 and let me tell you! I was lost. In 2012 I had my first child, a baby girl. My inspiration came solely from her, as I began making her clothing. In college we focused on women’s wear so I was left to teach myself all about children’s wear. Since then I’ve been molding my craft and have finally launched my first online store. I was never fully able to balance a 9-5 and build my clothing brand the way I wanted to, I knew I needed a change.

As a mommy of 3 crazy little ones, work life became stressful. There’s just not enough hours in the day to be super Mom and definitely not enough sick days for me to care for them the way I want to. I began to feel like my kids were a burden to my job and it wasn’t their fault or mine. The average job just isn’t a good fit for a parent especially a single parent like myself.

I realized I needed another stream of income that would give me the independence I needed as well as the income I needed to replace my 9-5. I reached out to an associate of mine and took the plunge into a new field. I was going to become an independent Financial Representative. It was way off the grid from what I’ve been doing, but after learning all about the company I knew it would be rewarding. I could help 2 clients a month or 20, either way the commission checks just made sense.

I help families understand generational wealth, how to protect their finances and build wealth on their current budget. There’s a large gap in the world of making money and using money responsibly. I now feel like I have a well rounded set of skills and am working EXTREMELY hard to kick the 9-5 out completely.

This blog is all about my journey of building a business ( or 2 or 3) and raising my babies. My tip to any Mom wondering if she can build a business is to JUST DO IT. If you can raise those beautiful babies, you can definitely build a business.


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