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Today’s Boss Mom feature is Vidhi with Panchhi Inc. 

We had a really nice conversation about her product and it was so relevant to my little girls issues! So to compliment my #MomLifeMonday post for today it was only natural for me to share her story.

“About me: Hello Hello Hello, I am Vidhi Bhargava, a free spirited adventurous soul. I worked in the corporate world in finance and strategy for eight exciting years, became mommy to a beautiful boy, then circumstances and situations took me to the world of entrepreneurship in 2016. It was surely a tough decision but then what’s the fun in driving on paved roads.

Why I started: My son developed allergies and skin sensitivities when he was a couple of months old. That pushed me into anxiety and a lot of stress. I simply couldn’t rest and kept looking for products in the market that didn’t have harsh chemicals. This search led me to create my own natural and chemical-free product line of linens and more for my little darling. After first hand testing, I decided to launch this product line in the market and reach more mothers like me struggling with the same issue.
I channeled my anxiety to create earthy chemical-free linens that are infused and enhanced with herbs from Ayurveda. Our organic muslin linens enrich babies’ and toddlers’ skin with therapeutic and healing properties of herbs.

A tip for other moms: Don’t let anxiety, depression, stress, pressure boggle you down. It’s not easy but you are not alone. Let’s channelize all this energy and take a plunge towards our dreams.
Don’t wait for someone to create a product for you… do it yourself. “I wish there was xyz in the market” is the first step to launch a business. Be your awesome self !

I hope you found this boss moms story inspiring. MomLifeMonday is all about sharing stories and spotlighting other moms in business. Share with a friend and make sure to visit her beautiful website!”

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2 thoughts on “All Natural Muslin Products for baby

  1. Love your story and love that line! Two awesome boss moms coming together!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Brittany.


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