Keeping Up With Business And Raising Babies: Reptar Mommy


My goodness it’s only halfway through the week and I’m running in circles. I’ve got a new collection launching, school is about to start and I’m training a new representative.

Staying grounded is of the the essence. I’m pretty excited with everything going on in my life and business. I purchased my first heat press FINALLY! I decided to take my brand to a new level and also offer my services. My hand painted t-shirts are dropping hopefully this weekend and vinyls Services will follow soon after.

So how about I almost have a 3yr old! He’s the last baby and it’s kind of sad that he’s all grown up. This is him at his check up this week.

I’m working on quite a few new garments this week, this one is a prototype of a brand new style of dress. Hopefully I like the way it turns out. I chose My Little Pony so my daughter can wear it on her birthday. That will be her party theme.

I also let her try on her new gold dress “Evelyn” it fits perfect and hopefully I can get a photoshoot in this weekend and add it to the shop.

I’m exhausted but I’m motivated. I’m calling myself Reptar Mommy because I’m running around like a mad woman and the kids think I’m crazy. Once they’re older, they’ll understand the madness.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Business And Raising Babies: Reptar Mommy

  1. Continue being a great example to your kids. It is true as we are younger we don’t understand why our parents move around and do the things they do so often but once we get older we think back and just think on it all. Makes us stronger as a person.

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    1. Very true. Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

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