Everyday Life In The Country And Raising A Country Kid: Family Values


Boss Mom Feature


Today’s boss mom feature is Alyssa Knee with

The Country Mama


As a fellow country mama I adore her blog and message. Currently I’m stuck living in the city and the sticks are calling my name!

“I started my biz (a blog called The Country Mama) as a way to process my thoughts and feelings as a new mum but of course, as things do, it evolved as I grew as a new mum.

Through the blog I share how we are taking our family’s values, threading them through our experiences and adventures with our daughter and learning as we go. I write for, and teach, country parents like myself, who want to be intentional about the way they parent and who yearn to teach their children about the world using their families own unique set of values.

If I could give one tip to a fellow biz mum it would be to go after what you’re passionate about regardless of anything that may be holding you back. I had anxiety about starting my biz because I worried what people would say or think about me. I wasted a lot of time worrying when I could have been building my biz and helping people. Dream big, and go after your dreams.”

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