Surviving As A Single Mommy: Milestones


On Saturday my youngest turned 3. His birthday is extremely significant as each year his birthday rolls around is another year I’ve been a single mommy. I get alittle emotional but then I think back to each year.

His first birthday I had my first job, I had been unemployed for 3yrs before this. I also saved enough to move into our first home as alittle family just my 3 baby bears and I.

By his 2nd birthday I had a new job and the pay was double my first job. Paying bills was now a breeze and I was able to take them out more.

Noww we celebrate his 3rd birthday. I am building 2 businesses and am almost ready to kick my job to the curb!

on days when I find it hard to comprehend life as a single mom, I look back at these milestones and realize I have absolutely nothing to worry about. My faith is strong and I know there’s nothing I can’t achieve. It’s been proven and I will continue to succeed because my desire to succeed surpasses my fear of failure.


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