What Is Generational Wealth And How Can I Achieve It?


Generational Wealth

This term is simple. It’s you setting up future generations to be prosperous.

We use Term Life and Mutual Funds to do just that!

Mutual Funds: 

“an investment program funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed.”

Perfect for:

-Retirement Planning

-College Savings

-Down Payments etc.

If you’re saving your money in a traditional savings account you’re only gaining .001% annually. Now how is that helping you? Mutual Funds will give you atleast 9% interest in growth or more. If you’re afraid of investing in stocks and bonds or risk you can try fixed index annuities. They have atleast 5% interest in growth and no risk or loss.

Term Life:

Life insurance is the most affordable way to protect your financial goals. You’ve  got so many plans for your family and Term Life will ensure those goals still happen in the event you are no longer with them.

Often times life insurance is thought to be for burial, when it is actually for the living. Life insurance is for the ones you will leave behind. Death is sudden, but it is also certain. No one wants to face the hard facts. Its imperative we plan for the day we leave our families behind. The choice is yours, will you leave behind debt or wealth?

Now let’s get to this Generational Wealth explanation on the life insurance side.

A quick example:

$500,000 Policy ($57 monthly for me)
-$20,000 Funeral
=$480,000 LeftOver

What happens to the left over? Sends your kids to college, pays off family debts, mortgage etc. Your loved ones can start a business. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to be rich to leave your loved ones an inheritance, you just have to be responsible. Budgeting an extra $40-$50 a month is all it takes to protect your families financial future.



Samantha Nicolette
Independent Financial Representative


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  1. Great post.
    Keep it going.
    God bless.


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