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Boss Mom Feature


As a designer who became inspired by my daughter I can definitely relate to this boss mom. My daughter is 100% the reason behind my brand. Although I’m branching out to other markets now, I’ll never forget where it all started.

Today’s Boss Mom is Brittany Davidson with


“I am a designer and the owner of Chocolate Soup, a children’s clothing line for newborns to size 6x/7 for boys and girls. I was raised by an entrepreneurial father and grandfather who both made names for themselves in different ways so I grew up with the mindset that you should always work for yourself over somebody else!

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 3 and from there my love for sewing, design and fashion only grew. I studied abroad and once I left university I just knew that a 9-5 job would not be for me. I founded my own company and started in ready to wear women’s clothing.

It wasn’t long after that I acquired the company Chocolate Soup. It combines all my passions into one, design, business and my daughter.

My best tip for other moms who are wanting to start their own business is to just go for it! You only live once and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. If you have great ideas, then set goals for yourself and just do it! I think the best thing we can do as Moms is to lead by example and show our children that they can do anything they want to do- just like we are!”

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