Happy Hump Day?


Today is a hot mess and I’m definitely not winding down! Balancing biz and family is tough especially this week. With a lot of prayer and faith I will manage. On a brighter note I’ve been begging for a kitten and we finally got one. Yes I’m spoiled.

His name is Ra (God Of Sun)

My Melanin Unicorn kids Tee was a hit and I’ve been asked to make an adult version. I also have a new kids tee design. Alterations is not my norm service but I do it from time to time. I’ve got 4 dress shirts to tailor and a request to do about 10 more 😩

In the world of finance, my recent recruit has made her first sale, set up her first Roth IRA client account and is almost ready to take her state test to be fully licensed. I’m so proud of her on this journey to become her own boss. I’m in the business of creating Boss Moms and I’m not stopping! Primerica is an awesome vehicle to get anyone on the road of being their own boss.


I’ve  also been working on an interior decorating project. It’s s going to look amazing and should be done by Tuesday! Look at all the clutter I had to work with.

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