Seamstress Hacks: How to grade a pattern.


My life has literally been a mad house! I’ve been a low key busy bee. Life has been centered around my parents as my dad suffered a stroke. Now that he is home we can pick up all the pieces and carry on.

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite resources. Although I have a fashion design degree, I’ve picked up a lot of new skills from online and YouTube. Today’s post also comes with news! My  colleague  and I will be hosting sewing workshops in Atlanta as soon as we get a class schedule in order.

How do I grade a pattern?


Pattern grading is something I learned on my own. Unfortunately my school didn’t teach us but the internet is quite amazing. With alittle research I found the perfect method and mastered it. Often times I am asked: How do I make a pattern bigger? How do I make a pattern smaller? Welp….here is exactly where I learned to grade a pattern. There’s also a download for instructions with the article. HERE

I draft and grade all of my patterns. It’s very rewarding to make a garment from start to finish. Grading skills are necessary if you are serious about expanding your skills. I hope you enjoy learning the process and feel free to ask me questions!

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