My Natural Hair Journey: Postpartum Hair Loss


Mom life can be rather troublesome when it comes to the hair department. Being the busy bees that we are, usually we resort to the: toss your hair in a pony, throw on a hat or the infamous top knot. Some days I actually want to look presentable! Being natural has worked wonders for me, but the start of my journey was rough. There are so many products, they all look amazing but they all don’t work the same. 5 years natural has led me down a road of product trial and errors. This road may have been crazy but it taught me how to figure out exactly what my hair needs. There are so many products to style your hair but what happens when we are losing our hair?

Postpartum Hair Loss

My natural hair journey started with the pregnancy of my first child. I stopped the perms and rolled with the kinks! My hair was always curly and thick, I hated it.  Perms helped thin my hair  but I never got the results I wanted. Stopping the creamy crack was easy as I wanted to figure out my hair. After I gave birth, my edges fell out. I was horrified. No one told me I should continue my prenatal vitamins to assist with possible hair loss after giving birth. In 2012 natural hair care was still new so shopping for products was confusing.

My first goal was to stop the massive shedding. I went to Walmart and found the Fall Fight collection from Garnier. No it wasn’t a natural product but the ingredients and the anti shed formula had me motivated to buy. I bought the shampoo, conditioner and leave in spray. The smell was dreamy, it was infused with caffeine and tingled. After 2-3 washes and continued use of the leave in, my shedding was minimal.

This collection was my holy grail, unfortunately they stopped selling it at my local Walmart. Not only did it stop my shedding, it made my curls POP. I couldn’t find it at any drug store or grocery store. I ran to Amazon of all places because they never let me down.

You can find the whole collection online,be sure to shop around for deals.


I am still finding my way through this natural hair journey. Finding hacks to keep my curls bouncy and fresh. Our hair is our crown and we must keep it presentable. So many women struggle with postpartum and it affects our self esteem. It’s funny how crazy our hormones are from simply giving birth!


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