How To Make Money Blogging


Becoming a mommy made me more eager to be at home as much as possible. I hated being at work and missing mile stones. Now that my little ones are in school (Pre-K & Kindergarten) I want to be involved in their classroom, recitals and all parent events. Making money from home is big in the mom world, it’s not easy or an over night success , but if you are dedicated you will succeed. I’ve been blogging for a while, I love writing but have never thought to make money doing so. This venture has been amazing so far, in just one month I’ve started making money, and I can’t wait to follow in the foot steps of those awesome ladies that have completely replaced their income by working from home.

Affiliate Marketing

This was my first step to making money while blogging. I had no idea how to do it but I knew exactly what it was. I also thought you needed a huge blog following to even be considered. Boy was I wrong! There are plenty of affiliate options for all blog sizes. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between you and a brand or platform. You get paid when customers click your links or banners and shop. Some even pay you for clicks and sales. There is definitely a method to this. You should weave the links genuinely into your blog post. Don’t be a “sales” person. Give reasons and your own honest opinions about the products. You can also use these platforms to place ads on your blog.

I use:

Shop Style Collective & Share A Sale

I am also looking for more partnerships that relate to my life style.


What are you good at? People are flocking to blogs for tutorials, courses & classes. They want to know what you know. You can set up a website where people pay to sign up for your courses.


Sewing Blog: Give paid sewing classes, step by step with photos.

Tech Blog: How to code a website from start to finish.

DIY: A monthly paid subscription to your blog for DIY projects


You Tube is HUGE when it comes to monetizing. You can showcase tutorials of things you’re good at. Once your channel is large enough and your views are up there….you can be paid for views. You can become a brand ambassador if you have a great audience and consider yourself an influencer.

MLM or Direct Sales

So you’re thinking MLM is not your cup of tea? Making money should be everyone’s cup of tea. There are tons of MLM and Direct Sales companies out there. Do your research. Find a company that fits into your blog category and use it to your advantage.


Fitness: Give your audience bomb work out videos and throw in awesome supplement suggestions.

Beauty: Find a Beauty Direct Sales company and use their cosmetics in your tutorials.

Motherhood: Find a baby related company and review the products.

Fashion: If you love fashion but your closet is boring, join a fashion direct sales company, use the discounts to fill your wardrobe and create awesome style content, don’t forget to tell your readers where to get the awesome clothing because you’ll get paid for it!

You’ll get paid on the front end of your blog and for sales from you MLM. All are directly related to your blog and your readers will feel good about the products you suggested.

PS: Don’t try to recruit your readers! Just focus on the sales.


When starting a business a support system is much needed. Join business groups, blogging groups or any group directly related to your needs. Ask lots of questions, interact and most of all soak up the knowledge they are giving. I have learned alot and built new friendships from groups. When I need inspiration, new ideas or just feel like I’m in a slump I flock to these groups!

My Favorite Groups:

Tools & Apps

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably on a budget, don’t run out and purchase high end everything. I currently use the Acer Chromebook 11 . It has been amazing for my business. I needed something practical, light weight with a good speed. Let’s not forget AFFORDABLE!

For Apps I use Planner Pro to schedule and prioritize my task. I’ve never seen an app like this, it lets me prioritize my task (B1,B2,B3) along with times. I even use it for my grocery lists, it’s pretty amazing.



For Social Media Planning I use Buffer, Hootsuite & Sprout Social. (Yes I use all 3) I run 3 businesses and they all have corresponding social accounts. Social Media can be a huge distraction, I plan all my post before bed and I only engage during the day, when needed. It leaves the guess work out of putting together relevant posts. Posting frequently also increases your reach!


Business Insider said it best! “There is no ceiling on Hustle” so dive in a hustle your heart out. You may have one blog but it has the potential to make money in many ways, all you have to do is go get it.





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