Shopping for the Southern Mama

Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: Southern Mama

As a professed Southern Mama I love 5 things!

1. Boots

2. Clothing

3. Nature

4. Wine

5. (more WINE please!)


Boots are part of a southern mamas anatomy…. They can be dressed up or dressed down easy. We can appreciate a pair of heels once in a blue moon but boots are oh so simple.

Riding boots when she wants to be comfy

Thalia Sodi Vada Riding Boots • Thalia Sodi • $59.70

Western boots when she wants to be sassy

Women’s Ariat Lively Western Boot • Ariat • $94.99

Thigh high boots when she wants to be sexy

Wild Diva Lounge Geller Thigh-High Boot • $36.97

(Yes it’s completely ok for mom to be sexy)


I could literally shop all day. As a southernbelle I think we are considered a hybrid of girly and tomboy. Denim is my sweet spot so I decided to focus on that. There’s nothing  like: high waist jeans that fit in all the right places,  a flirty denim dress,  or a cute denim shirt.

Levi’s 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans • Levi’s • $39.99

BLANKNYC Denim Bell Sleeve Denim Dress • $36.97

Levi’s Women’s Levi’s Denim Babydoll Blouse • Levi’s • $34.99

Cabin Stay


There’s nothing like a good ole stay in the mountains. The fresh air, majestic views and the little fury creatures. Nature is pure bliss and silence is golden for any mom. Make sure to book a cabin with a big front porch, cozy living room and walking trails. These pictures are from Sundance Cabin Rentals. Check them out on Facebook! I’ll be booking there soon.


We start our days with coffee and end them with wine. Becoming a mom is all about the wine. It’s crazy but we all feel the same. Before I had my little bundles wine was a non factor to me. After a long day of hair pulling and yelling “stop that” ” Don’t touch that” or “You better not” wine is all the glory.


Make sure you know what kind of wine she likes before you buy! We are very particular about our wine. I’m pretty sure there’s an empty bottle laying around the kitchen for you to check. I love sweet wine. Sangria is my absolute favorite and Muscadine is a new favorite.


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