Day 1: 12 Haute Dresses (The Carrie Dress)

I’m venturing into a new domain! One of a kind Haute Dresses for little girls. I’m at a place in my life where I’m longing for change and this is a good start. Dresses and gowns full of sparkle, Tulle, jewels and pure wonder.

Singer Classic Heavy Duty

This is the Carrie Dress. Well this is half of the Carrie Dress!!! I’m completely obsessed with Sex & The City. Carrie is my favorite character. She is a fashion junkie and you never know what she’ll step out in. My dress form is black so it’s hard to see, it has a strapless sweetheart bodice. The Carrie Dress will be just as shocking as the character.

The Carrie Dress



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