Day 1: 12 Little White Dresses (The Grace Dress)

You guys know I’m bipolar when it comes to projects! I’m all over the place but I️ promise I️ have it all together. This is my venture #2. I am know for flower girl dresses already, but I decided to make a few of my normal silhouettes and some new ones all in white fabric. Since all of my designs are made to order I️ figured this visual (White Dresses) would reiterate that my dresses are merely blank canvases ready to be adorned with your dream in mind.

The Grace Dress

This is the Grace Dress. Very simple yet graceful hence the name choice Grace. My first floor length gown for girls. She just needs lining and her zipper! My fabric choice for this was Faux Silk Dupioni. It’s medium weight, super silky and shiny.


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