My Haute Journey & A Course For DIY Divas!

I remember preparing for high school graduation completely confused about college plans. I had no idea what I wanted to be or where I wanted to go. I was obsessed with art but didn’t want to be an artist, I loved beauty but didn’t want to get into cosmetology. I remember thinkingI had no real skills or talent. One day we had a college fair and I approached a table for a Bauder College. I read the list of majors and Fashion Design jumped out at me. My heart stopped and my stomach fluttered. I graduated in 2009 and still was lost.

Samantha Nicolette
This Image is Copy Right of Samantha Nicolette & The House Of Sam 2017

I loved design but my mojo just wasn’t there. I didn’t attend college to work for someone else….to design for someone else. In 2012 I had my daughter. She was my epiphany. Girls clothing was whereI wanted to focus my attention. I had a few trial along the way. I became homeless, ended an engagement and was carrying my second born. My drive was still there.

I relocated and moved in with my parents. I couldn’t work so I did paid surveys from home and used some of that money to buy a mini sewing machine. I created a few patterns and began making clothes for my daughter. I also bought TONS of fabric.

I spent many late nights sewing, it kept my mind off of my troubles. Sewing was my happy place.

In college my focus was womens wear but there was just something about seeing my little creation wearing my creations that put me at ease.

And here we are today….I have a real sewing machine, tons of designs and am building my clientele. The sewing machine I use currently is the Singer Heavy Duty, I love it! I’m not where I would like to be , but I am definitely where I should be that’s for sure!

This is not an easy story to tell but Iļø want you all to know if there is a will there truly is a way. Your time is coming.

My Mantra Of Resilience

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you more lemons, make lots of that shit and sell it! No matter what you do, or what you go through, handle it like a boss.


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