It’s Beginning to look ALOT Like Christmas

Happy Sunday guys! I hope your’re relaxing and enjoying these Sunday vibes. Last night we bought our Christmas tree and new ornaments. It was a rather annoying adventure. Now purchasing the tree was easy. I dragged the munchkins to Lowes, we walked in and chose a tree in less than ten minutes.


The hard part was my unfortunate mommy brain. I knew we had lights, I knew we had some ornaments, but I had no clue if we had a tree stand. I vaguely remembered placing our tree stand on a shelf above the refrigerator. I also remember how much I hated that stand and couldn’t remember if I had thrown it out. I decided to trust my memory (big mistake) and we drove home.


Obviously when we got home there was no tree stand above the refrigerator….that’s 1pt for mommy brain there. I called my mother and asked if she had one…..that was a no. So off we went to grab a new one. First we went to Dollar General, it was the closest. They had NONE. Also on the way out my oldest hit someones car with her door. My God that was so embarrassing! She is always in a rush to get to the car first. She thinks she is supposed to ALWAYS be the first one in the car. That princess attitude comes from me unfortunately. Luckily there were no scratches and we were on our way.

The next stop was Tractor Supply, they would for sure have what we needed. Their website said they had various types of tree stands, I was hoping to find a metal one because those plastic ones suck. Welp, they also disappointed me as the owner said there were none!

Next I looked up Target, their website also claimed to have multiple types but once we arrived they only had the plastic ones for 8ft trees and ours was 6ft. I had a mental melt down and left. That was the third store, it was getting late and I still had to make dinner. Just as I was about to give up, I decided to call Big Lots who was in the same plaza. It’s rough getting three kids in and out of the car, so calling was the best option. The young lady on the phone assured me they had some and we flew like the wind! Finally we had a tree stand and were on our way home.

Now that I’ve told you about the stressful part, I guess we should get to my real melt down. The melt down that wasn’t confined to my mind. Getting the tree in the stand all by myself and to keep the tree standing.


It took forever and I almost went to bed with the tree still on the living room floor. I decided to send the kids to bed, put the dog in her cage and pop open a second beer. It was time for quiet, so I could focus and finish the darn tree. Ra kept me company while he caused some trouble.


After a few pep talks with myself, I finallyΒ  finished and was half way impressed. When I woke up the next morning I decided to move the tree and add Christmas balls. I was afraid to add them because I just knew the fur babies would ruin them. Let’s just say they better not touch, because I am absolutely done with this tree. (It’s also still crooked but we are rolling with it)

Can you believe I almost cancelled Christmas because of a TREE?


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