Day 2: 12 Haute Dresses

On this little journey of mine I have decided to do a stock pile clean out! This week I’ve cut out about 10 dresses completely from fabric I already own. Some are full dresses and others are just bodices awaiting tulle and such. I plan to bedazzle some of them, pretty exciting. I love this journey…….it’s taking my brain to a whole new level of creativity. Not to mention it’ll be my first time having ready to ship items that are one of a kind in my shop.

This weekend I am working on two white faux silk dresses. They will be the same dress, one a size 5 and one a size 6. First I cut out the bodices and prepared the tulle.

I also have not named this dress yet! It should come to me soon.

I’m pretty sure these two dresses will have a jeweled collar added. Sewing these have been super easy, documenting not so much! Time for me to get back to my machine and finish this first dress.Snap Chat is the best way to watch me sew and create so follow if you wish @TheHouseOfSam

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