Curly Girl Problems! Review: Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush From Instyler

Having curly hair is awesome some days and I say that lightly. One day my curls are popping, another day half is frizzy half is defined and other days it’s just a whole hot mess. I love switching up my looks, so straight hair is like winning a gold medal when it comes out perfect.

I decided to review my favorite new hair tool. Some of you may be looking for a time saver and this is absolutely it. The Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush From Instyler is a God Send!


I have what I call a flat iron grave yard. Some don’t stay hot, some don’t get hot enough and some just don’t work for my hair at all. Let’s not forget the hours and small sections it takes to get a smooth look.

I’ve never bought an as seen on tv product but I was desperate and the Instyler Straightening brush had amazing reviews. I purchased it a few months ago.  A few stats:

-Heats to 450 degrees

-Ceramic bristles

-Swivel chord

-Self shut off

Now we are friends right? Mom Life is full of shame but I have no shame in showing these hair prep pics! I was thoroughly entertained.


My hair straightens best with freshly washed hair. Next I use my Olive Oil heat protectant to blow dry with a wide tooth comb.


Once I have my huge lion mane, I section into 4 and straighten away. I love that there’s no chasing with a comb. This brush grabs every strand of hair and the heat is evenly distributed. It gives a perfect pressed look and works WONDERS on my natural hair.


My biggest worry was that it wouldn’t give me a 100% smooth look. Those doubts are out the window now. It takes less than an hour to wash and straighten my hair now and my hair reverts back perfectly when I’m ready to go curly again.



Recommended Products:

Olive Oil Heat Protectant

Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush

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