Pesto Spinach Alfredo Lasagna: How To Use Oven Ready Lasagna Noodles!


Lasagna is awesome! But let’s be serious….boiling those noodles and removing them from the pot is annoying. Making sure you have a large enough pot is annoying AND it’s  time consuming. My sister introduced me to oven ready lasagna noodles and darn-it I’m never going back. These things are magical time savers. Yesterday I made my famous Pesto Spinach Alfredo Lasagna. It’s in my top 3 favorites to make and coveted by EVERYONE I’ve ever made it for.


For starters I always use an aluminum pan for dishes like this, I hate scrubbing dishes. You’ll need 3 jars of Alfredo sauce. Pour half of the first jar in the pan and leave that jar to the side. Since these noodles are dry they need wetness to cook properly. Also one box of noodles is enough for a whole pan.





You can put whatever meat you’d like into your lasagna. I made meat loaf last week so I already had meat put away. When I make meatloaf I always buy 3lbs of different ground meats and only use half of each. The rest goes into the freezer for a later meal.  I used 1/2pound Ground Beef 1/2pound Ground Turkey & 1/2pound Ground Italian Sausage. I cooked it with frozen spinach.


Next add your two unopened jars of Alfredo sauce. REMEMBER don’t touch your half filled jar! You’ll need it for later.



Now for the fun part, its time to layer. The bottom 4 noodles will have to be slightly over lapped to fit properly but the rest will fit perfectly beside each other.




Keep layering lady!

I always have a guest in the kitchen while I cook….a kid hanging onto my leg or the cat waiting for something to drop. Say hello to Ra! And yes those are unmatched socks. who wants to be ordinary anyway????



You’re almost there………


Ok, you should be out of meat now! Add the final layer of noodles and lets finish up.



You can now grab your half filled jar of Alfredo sauce. This step is super important. Remember we said that these noodles need moisture to cook properly. Pour and spread the sauce over you top layer of noodles.





Pesto is an optional step. I absolutely love this stuff. Use a teaspoon and poor a few over the top. I did 9 spots. Next I swirled them. You can now cover your pan with foil and bake for 45minutes at 350 degrees.



After your 45minutes is up, take the pan out. Uncover and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake it uncovered until the cheese melts evenly. Pair with your favorite sides and you my dear are done!


I hope your family enjoys this meal as much as mine does!



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