Sewing The Coraline Dress And ANOTHER Snow Day

The Coraline Dress has been on my To Do list for over a month now. She’s literally been sitting on my sewing table half finished. This week was pretty rough! Last Saturday and Sunday all three kids had the stomach virus. Next in line was me on Tuesday…then a Snow Day yet again this season was Wednesday. I guess you can say I had way too much free time on my hands.

Coraline is a cute movie the kids are obsessed with these days. So that’s how I named her. This dress started as 20yrds of tulle.

After tons of gathering, I sewed it to a bodice I made of Faux Silk. It just needs a zipper.

I still have one more to make. It came out shorter than I wanted so I’ll be making matching bloomers to go along. Right now I’m working on a few garments that will be in the ready to ship section of my new shop.

As you know all of my items are made to order, but I thought I’d cater to those who would like something ready made.  The ready to ship section will be limited edition pieces, so they’ll be extra special and unique!

Here’s a few pictures of our snow day. We only got 2-3 inches unlike the 7-8inches last time. Thanks for visiting.


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