Fit Mom Goals: Simple Routines For The Busy Bee

January is almost over! Our first month of 2018 flew by and now we are left with shame….you know those awesome goals we set that fell by the waist side. Speaking of waist! Let’s talk about waist lines. Most people set weight loss goals as their #1 New Years Resolution.

Now I don’t have any weight loss goals but I do plan to tone up and get fit. Having kids made me love my body even more. Here’s my evolution.  I’m happy so far but I bloat from time to time. And I’d like to keep this body!



One major misconception about smaller people is that we are healthy. I literally run out of breath walking up stairs and I can’t even jog. You should also know I’m writing about fitness goals while sipping a Blue Moon. I love beer, wine and coffee. My water intake is tragic and the kitchen is my happy place. Have you seen my cooking posts?

Now onto the solution. If you’re super busy and can’t fathum paying for a gym membership this read is for you my darling. I fell in love with Blogilates ages ago. I used to follow her routines until I got pregnant. I am now ready to get back on track. Her routines are simple and you can find plenty under 20minutes. She has an app and YouTube channel.

I just love her vibe and energy. I browsed all the routines and created a playlist that was relevant to my goals.



My favorite part of working out is the clothing! Am I the only one? Working out from home is already free so splurging alittle on the clothing is a perk. I’m in love with the cut out fitness leggings right now. Here’s a few I adore. (Click a pic to shop)



Don’t forget you’ll need a mat to keep you comfortable while working out. If you haven’t noticed I love prints and bright colors. These are cute and affordable.



Working out is not just about about weight loss. It’s about getting healthy and taking care of your body. How often do you get to soak in the tub? After a good sweat you’ll be longing for a bath to soothe those muscles. This bath soak is something that I’ve been eyeing.



Thankyou for visiting! I this app helps you fit self care into your busy routine!


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