Building My Dream Life: Set Goals & Crush Them

I’ve always called myself a dreamer. I literally can’t get through the day without day dreaming. I have a hard time sleeping because my dreams are so active and vivid. My mind wanders through various venues through out the day…..things I would like to do, places I’d like to go, people in my present and my past.

This has been quite a struggle as I spend so much time planning and not enough time “doing”. I’ve decided to conquer this problem with just a tiny bit of planning.

Step 1: No More Coffee #Sigh

The first step was the hardest of them all! I have eliminated coffee from my life. Can you imagine a mom not running off coffee? I have anxiety and caffeine is hindering me more than it is helping me. I spend my days burnt out and depending on coffee to keep me going. The pick me up is great at first….until my mind starts wandering and over thinking. I have realized lately that I am not physically tired, I am mentally drained. This led me to find a way to nourish my mental.


Yogi is an awesome tea I have been sipping this week. It is Kava tea aka ” Stress Relief Tea” and I love it. I feel a lot more focused and relaxed.  One goal for the new year was to find a way to manage my moods and become a better mom. This tea is helping ALOT. Caring for 3 little ones is a mental melt down waiting to happen. Setting new routines at home to make sure I have enough quality time with the kids has become easier. I start my day with one cup and another mid day. You can find it on the organic aisle at your favorite grocery store. I am also NOT giving up wine…..that’s just a tragedy.

Step 2: Dream Board

Dream boards are a great way to organize you future goals. I have made mine on Pinterest.


It is sorted into 5 sections and will probably grow.

Step 3: Organization

Building multiple businesses sounds pretty crazy but hey I’m an avid multi-tasker. I have started a bullet journal for my brainstorming and to-do list. I love it because I no longer have to-do list all over my house and in random notebooks. I am also building my perfect planner. This will help me keep up with my business and personal finances, schedules etc. I’m calling it my Big Book Of Life! It will probably replace my bullet journal as well. I need to keep everything in one neat place.

I am still getting a feel for bullet journaling and would love to know how you use yours!

I’ve been dreaming for so long, it’s time for me to wake up and get in formation.

“If not now, when?”



5 thoughts on “Building My Dream Life: Set Goals & Crush Them

  1. Great post. The best thing you can do is set real goals and wake each day with the mindset to crush them.

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    1. So true! Realistic goals are always best.

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  2. I love proacive, organized people who make things happen!

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