The Rule Of 72


Saving money can feel like a chore, we don’t like to but we need to. There are  many tools that help us complete our chores swiftly and effortlessly but did you know all the awesome tools that can help you save?

Most of you probably save your money in the same bank you utilize for your daily banking needs. This is a BIG no no. Traditional bank savings accounts yield a disappointing interest rate of .001% annually. On top of that you pay a fee just for having that savings account which will in turn eat up your .001% growth and some. Today you’ll learn how to make an informed decision of where to save your money and how to make interest rates work for you. Your weekly/monthly out of pocket savings and an awesome interest rate for growth will be a dynamic savings duo! Continue reading

What Is Generational Wealth And How Can I Achieve It?


Generational Wealth

This term is simple. It’s you setting up future generations to be prosperous.

We use Term Life and Mutual Funds to do just that!

Mutual Funds: 

“an investment program funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed.”

Perfect for:

-Retirement Planning

-College Savings

-Down Payments etc.

If you’re saving your money in a traditional savings account you’re only gaining .001% annually. Now how is that helping you? Mutual Funds will give you atleast 9% interest in growth or more. If you’re afraid of investing in stocks and bonds or risk you can try fixed index annuities. They have atleast 5% interest in growth and no risk or loss.

Term Life:

Life insurance is the most affordable way to protect your financial goals. You’ve  got so many plans for your family and Term Life will ensure those goals still happen in the event you are no longer with them.

Often times life insurance is thought to be for burial, when it is actually for the living. Life insurance is for the ones you will leave behind. Death is sudden, but it is also certain. No one wants to face the hard facts. Its imperative we plan for the day we leave our families behind. The choice is yours, will you leave behind debt or wealth?

Now let’s get to this Generational Wealth explanation on the life insurance side.

A quick example:

$500,000 Policy ($57 monthly for me)
-$20,000 Funeral
=$480,000 LeftOver

What happens to the left over? Sends your kids to college, pays off family debts, mortgage etc. Your loved ones can start a business. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to be rich to leave your loved ones an inheritance, you just have to be responsible. Budgeting an extra $40-$50 a month is all it takes to protect your families financial future.



Samantha Nicolette
Independent Financial Representative

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Understanding Your Coverage: Buyer Beware



When I became a Financial Representative one of the first things I learned was how to analyze a policy. Often times companies look out for their pockets and not the clients best interest.

My first real testimony to this is my younger sister. She was sold a “life insurance” policy and was told she’d receive a discount on her car insurance for buying it. She decided to get the policy on our parents since they didn’t have one. The rate was extremely low and too good to be true. Once I evaluated the policy I found that it was an Accidental Death Policy.

An Accidental Death Policy will only pay a death claim if the insured dies in a car accident. They also won’t pay if the insured dies in the hospital because they will consider it death from complications of surgery. This policy is a scam and worthless. True life insurance will pay no matter how you die (with the exception of suicide if within grace period)

My sister had no clue the type of policy she was sold, she just felt as if she did the right thing for our parents. I converted her policy to Term Life, the most affordable life insurance there is with proper protection. Accidental Death Insurance is really just an add on to your car insurance, not true life insurance. Knowing what your life insurance covers is extremely important, it’s your life that you’re protecting.

Exceptions are a big deal in the life insurance world and they should be deal breakers when shopping around for a policy. Exceptions are things a life insurance policy will not cover. The worst I’ve seen so far is straight from the police department. My field trainer is an ex-cop, his life insurance policy would only pay out if he died in the line of duty.

What if he died of a heart attack?
What if he died in a car accident?
What if he died of pneumonia?

His life insurance would not pay out and his family would be left with nothing.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme ?




Let’s face it! Multiple streams of income is the way to go and Direct Sales or MLM are the easiest way to do so. I’ve always held a job and had my clothing line, but having a traditional job is an inconvenience to my business potential and my duties as a mother. I chose to replace my job with a MLM style of business, therefore making me a dual business owner. I am now able to build both my businesses with unlimited potential.


MLM and Direct Sales companies have led tons of mothers to financial freedom. Some needed extra money and others used them to build as their own business. They are contributing to their household and not missing a beat when it comes to raising their children. Unfortunately there is a dark stigma on companies like these often being labeled as “Pyramid Schemes”


Definition: Pyramid Scheme


“is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.”


Don’t run to a company that attempts to sell you a dream. Don’t run after opportunities offered by people who flash cash in videos.


Often Pyramids and Schemes can be confused. Know that there is a difference.


-A scheme is unclear, you’ll never meet your upline, there are usually no products and details are very vague. A scheme is also not recognized by the News, Media etc. always check Forbes,Fox etc before choosing a Direct Sales or MLM to work with.


-A Pyramid is all about building a solid team of business partners. You reach the top of the Pyramid when you train and develop a solid crew. And don’t worry there is plenty of room at the top of the Pyramid because you’re able to build your own.


Next make sure the company is reputable. The company I chose just made sense.


They’ve been in business for 40yrs


-They are listed on the NewYork Stock Exchange
-They have 5000+ offices in the UnitedStates
-They are in the top 10 of 50 most trusted financial services companies
-They are the LARGEST financial services company in the UnitedStates


On a final note, know that the traditional brick & mortar company you work for operates as a pyramid. There’s only room for one CEO in most.




MLM and Direct Sales companies have plenty of room at the top of the Pyramid for anyone willing to do the hard work of building a team and molding them into  successful business partners. Your position in the Pyramid just shows how well you are at doing what you do and how eager you are to help others succeed in the business.


Samantha Nicolette
Independent Financial Representative

|Quotes Are Free. Rates Are Reasonable.|

#FinanceFriday is intended to spread awareness to families and individuals. If you need my services or would like to become a financial representative, feel free to email me! I’d love to chat.