It Takes A Village: Single Mother Struggles & Mom Shaming


Becoming a parent is a journey with many twist and turns. Everyone will tell you how expensive kids are, but no one tells you about the mental strength you’ll have to gain. There are many things in life that can’t be taught, parenting is one of those things. We are all LITERALLY flying by the seat of our pants.  At the end of the day we just hope that these little beings who drive us completely insane while looking up to us, simply grow up to be amazing adults.

No one could have prepared me for the meaning of ” It takes a village”. Such a short statement that speaks volumes, has meant the world to me for some time now. The transition from a two parent household to a one parent household takes a huge toll emotionally and physically. When dad chooses to not only leave mom, but the kids behind too…… that’s a whole other ball park. This is where I discovered the true meaning of a village.

Single mother shaming is a huge thing I’m seeing right now and it eats me alive. The judgement from married mothers, childless adults and random strangers that know nothing of your situation or family dynamic other than the fact that you are a “Single Mom”.

“You should’ve chose a better man”

“You shouldn’t have kids you cant afford”

“Why didn’t you wait until you were married before you had kids”

“All she wants is a hand out, she had kids just to live off of our tax dollars”


None of these statements shame dad for leaving. All of these statements are assumptions. We are living in a world where people would rather judge than help. Helping is not a hand out, it is a hand up.  A village is your community sticking together and showing up when others have failed you.

All the things I never knew I’d have to worry about

What happens when kid #1 gets sick on Monday and kid #2 gets sick on Wednesday? That’s two days of work missed because they have to visit the doctor and can’t go to school or day care sick. What happens when you lose your job simply for handling your duties as a parent?

What happens when the babysitter cancels and you can’t find another one short notice?

What happens when the kids ask about dad?

How will my kids feel about me when I spend more time at work than I do with them?

All this time people spend judging a single mother on her physical situation simply adds more to the mental situation that none of you see. Who cares why she is a single mom, let’s applaud her for getting the job done and fill in the gaps when needed.

At the end of the day being a mother is ROUGH, no matter what type of household you come from. Maybe you’re in a two parent household, maybe you’re in a single parent household. No matter what, it gets easier when you have a village to lift you up.




Back To School Safety


School is finally back in session for all of us and we can now take a breather! Our little ones are safe at school soaking up knowledge while we work and we know they’re safe and sound. But what about when they get home?

  • Do you know when they get home
  • Do they have their keys?
  • Did they lock the door?
  • Will they know not to open the door when a stranger comes knocking?
  • Are they doing their homework or watching cartoons?

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Becoming A Successful Work From Home Mom


Being a stay at home mom is a dream for some but others don’t have that option. My dream as a solo provider is to be a successful work from home mom! I’ve learned so much and still have a ways to go, but today I’d like to share some tips that have helped me on my journey. My top three areas of focus to achieve success are: Organization, Social Media presence and Savings.

Planner Pro helps me time block my day and prioritize all my tasks, appointments and notes. This is the best planner app I’ve found thus far and I don’t see myself looking for another.


Buffer helps me stay on social media without being on social media. We can lose so much time scrolling through news feeds. This app allows me to schedule posts in one sitting to all my social media accounts. All I have to do is respond and engage once they post. You can create your own schedule and track progress. My organic reach has increased tremendously since using this app.


Quick Books Self Employed is simply amazing. It is connected to my bank account and tracks all my purchases. From the app I can categorize my purchases between business and personal. That means no more receipt hoarding! It tracks my mileage and allows me to sort office visits from client visits etc. This app will make tax time effortless and adds up all my deductions for me.


I hope you found these tools as useful as I do. Now here’s some quick tips to get you though those crazy days with the kiddos.

1. Schedule appointments while kids are at school.
2. Try video calls if getting out of the house is an ordeal.
3.Join Facebook biz groups. They’re great for accountability and learning.

It’s important to work your business around your family life. Don’t make excuses, just create a routine and stick with it. Most of all just BREATHE! You got this girl.

Social Media Hiatus. Back To School Frenzy & Super Saturday


This weekend was truly amazing. It was packed full of celebration, sewing and recovery. I took a short hiatus because balance was simply impossible.

Let’s start with me designs! I’ve made two new TuTus. Longer TuTus were much needed in my TuTu Galore Collection.

I also made matching peplum bodices in two different fabrics. Versatility is a must.

They are listed in the shop now.

Super Saturday

Every 2nd Saturday we come together as a team and celebrate everyone’s milestones. We all share one common goal, to help as many families as possible become financially independent. It’s amazing to see so many of us jumping levels and increasing income. This weekend we had a new 50k earner, 200k earnerband 400k earner. What I love about this company is the transparency. Top dollar earners are live and in your face, not hidden like urban myths.

Again this weekend was amazing. Most importantly I survived the first weekly school. I officially have a kindergartner!

Surviving As A Single Mommy: Milestones


On Saturday my youngest turned 3. His birthday is extremely significant as each year his birthday rolls around is another year I’ve been a single mommy. I get alittle emotional but then I think back to each year.

His first birthday I had my first job, I had been unemployed for 3yrs before this. I also saved enough to move into our first home as alittle family just my 3 baby bears and I.

By his 2nd birthday I had a new job and the pay was double my first job. Paying bills was now a breeze and I was able to take them out more.

Noww we celebrate his 3rd birthday. I am building 2 businesses and am almost ready to kick my job to the curb!

on days when I find it hard to comprehend life as a single mom, I look back at these milestones and realize I have absolutely nothing to worry about. My faith is strong and I know there’s nothing I can’t achieve. It’s been proven and I will continue to succeed because my desire to succeed surpasses my fear of failure.


Vivint Smart Home Security


*Todays post is sponsored by Vivint*

If you have teenagers this is for you, If you have pets this is for you, If you travel this is for you. If you have a family this is for you!

Check Out This Amazing Video

Today’s MomLifeMonday is rather delayed as wordpress wasn’t working properly! I also wasn’t able to get it working yesterday so let’s just say SewingSunday isn’t happening until next Sunday! Anywho, today I’d like to share my awesome experience with Vivint Smart Home Security.

I’ve never had a security system before, so I’m new to this whole thing. As a mom I appreciate easy & affordable technology. The system is controlled by an app on my phone and packages are $39-$60 depending on the package you choose. My customer service representative was very knowledgable and didn’t try to over sell me. He also made sure I asked my landlord before purchasing this system. I knew about most of the features from watching the video.

Let me just say my favorite feature is the inside camera. I can talk to my dog through the speaker if she is acting up while I am away. That feature alone had me sold.


but here are a few more:

  • Door Bell Camera
  • Lock doors and set alarm from your smart phone
  • Control your lights and thermostat
  • Inside/Outside Camera
  • No Installation Fee


The outside camera alerts you when someone is walking up to your home, so you don’t have to wait for them to ring the door bell to know that they are there. I will also say that my representative is extremely client focused. I could’ve had a motion detection sensor but since my dog weighs over 55lbs he said I should just stick to the window sensors because she would probably trip the motion sensor all day.

Thank you for reading about my experience!I hope it helped you make an informed decision.

*Protect your home, family, and or business.. When you call give them my name and agent code. (Samantha Thomas 9PSHY). 877 571-6139

Natural Remedies For Eczema: Healing Eczema With Dead Sea Salt


My oldest has struggled with skin irritation for the last 2years. At first I’d just use basic itchy skin lotion but soon I realized the problem was much worse. She scratched until her skin would bleed. My poor little girl was covered in scabs, had dry patches and inflamed sores.

The problem escalated pretty fast, I wasn’t able to manage it and took her to the pediatrician. The pediatrician looked her over and said it was a form of eczema. I was sort of relieved to have an answer and picked up her cream from the pharmacy. I wasn’t happy with the cream AT ALL. It was just a high dose of hydrocortisone. I was also advised to bathe her with dove. She was already using dove because regular soap gave her rashes as did laundry detergent.

I continued to try EVERY itchy skin lotion I could find no matter the cost. None of them helped. One day I was at Walmart looking for something I could put in her bath water and next to the Epson salt was exactly what I’d been looking for. It was Dead Sea salt with a big orange sticker alerting customers that it was perfect for eczema or psoriasis. After using it for 3-4 baths I noticed all her scabs and sores healed!

I’m still looking for the perfect lotion or cream to use on her daily. I’ve also switched her to black soap, which seems to be controlling the problem also.  I can’t believe something so simple helped this on going problem and I can’t wait to have it 100% under control.