How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine: 3 Machines I Recommend For Newbie To Pro Sewers


Your sewing journey starts with choosing the right tools. When it comes to machines hype and fluff can be confusing! Should I focus on stitch count, stitch variations, big names, foreign etc. It can all be confusing but today I will clear all that up.

Often times I am asked “ How do I choose the right sewing machine?” Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How often do I sew?
  • What is my budget?
  • What is my skill level?
  • Is this business or pleasure?

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Seamstress Hacks: How to grade a pattern.


My life has literally been a mad house! I’ve been a low key busy bee. Life has been centered around my parents as my dad suffered a stroke. Now that he is home we can pick up all the pieces and carry on.

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite resources. Although I have a fashion design degree, I’ve picked up a lot of new skills from online and YouTube. Today’s post also comes with news! My  colleague  and I will be hosting sewing workshops in Atlanta as soon as we get a class schedule in order.

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Love Your Melanin!


Today was loooonnnngggg. I’ve been asked to create an adult Melanin Unicorn tee and today it dropped. This shirt means a lot to me. It’s important to teach our little ones to love the skin they’re in.


Hand Painted Tees: Dakota Manor Collection


Tonight I launched my new Tee collection Dakota Manor, this mini series was Tribe inspired and is limited edition. They are hand painted by yours truly and available in toddler and kids sizes. These simple silhouettes are meant to mimic art on canvas and I am so proud of them. Expanding my product line has been in the back of my mind but finally I took the plunge. Since these are limited edition they can only be ordered via email:

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How To Cut A Hoodie Into A Crop Top. And Much MUCH more!


This week was EXTREMELY productive for me. I executed two new dresses and had time for a DIY. Let’s start with the DIY!

I bought this hoodie sometime ago, the arms have always fit too tight but I still adored it. It’s been 80+ dregrees here in Georgia, so I decided I’d love my hoodie more if it were a crop top. I grabbed my favorite crop top to use as a template and went to work! I also reattached the pocket because a hoodie just isn’t a hoodie with out the kangaroo pocket.

Next I worked on the Millie Dress. She is the sister of the George TuTu. This one has gold roses underneath the tulle skirt. The intention of this dress is to incorporate the brides bouquet into the flower girl dress. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants on this design. I had no idea the colors or finish I wanted. After much debate and advice from a friend, I decided to use the mint bodice and tulle pleating for some dimension.  It came out WONDERFUL, just needs to be lined.

My my last project was the Evelyn dress. She is a hybrid of the Rosette dress. I chose gold satin because I’m working on an all gold collection I call Old Gold.

Thank you for visiting! Photoshoots for these items are coming soon! Until then…

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