Making Over My Blog: My New Acer Chromebook


Happy Hump day guys! I am winding it down for the night. This week has been pretty awesome and it’s not even over yet. As you can see the blog has a new look. I was itching for a change, I needed my blog to match my identity. I had a great schedule but I just felt my blog didn’t scream SAM.


I’m very happy with the look, although I am a tad obsessive when it comes to perfection. I feel this theme portrays my southernbelle personality with ease. My home page will change some, but the rest will remain the same. Now that I have made this solely a blog it’s time to create the next two sites. My services will be available soon, and I couldn’t be more excited.

As a mom, I am prone to multi-tasking, in business I do the same. My mantra “My daily life & my life in stitches. Because there is no in between” is what this blog is all about. Bits and pieces of my life and business happenings. The next two sites will each be dedicated to my other two businesses. All business, no pleasure!

Now that I have created some much needed order, its time to talk about my new goodies! For the longest I have been running business from a cute little pink tablet. I swear I loved that thing but it just wasn’t practical. I have expanded my services and blog, so the technology had to change. Tablets are great for playing around but not for operating a business. I have no bad reviews for this tablet, I just needed more. I still have it, and use it when I don’t want to tote my lap top.

RCA Tablet w/ Keyboard

Although I have retired my tablet for business, it is the perfect tablet for travel and fun. The keyboard is attached, the speed and memory are also great. The RCA tablet is extremely affordable and I’ve had it for 2yrs now with no issues.

 My new love is my Chromebook. I have never been very tech savvy or hip to the latest. I am also very frugal when it comes to spending! This jewel is affordable, dependable and sooooo cute.

Acer Chromebook

Yes it is white, I am afraid to get it dirty….but they have tons of accessories, so on to shopping I go. I am pleased with the performance of the Acer Chromebook. The set up was very easy and the app store has everything I need. It did not come with any unnecessary junk downloaded on it either.


Time to set some goals and finish this week out strong!

  1. Portfolio & Service Website will be done this weekend
  2. Financial Services Website will be done this weekend
  3. I will play with my new gadget this weekend and post about it Sunday

Happy Hump Day?


Today is a hot mess and I’m definitely not winding down! Balancing biz and family is tough especially this week. With a lot of prayer and faith I will manage. On a brighter note I’ve been begging for a kitten and we finally got one. Yes I’m spoiled.

His name is Ra (God Of Sun)

My Melanin Unicorn kids Tee was a hit and I’ve been asked to make an adult version. I also have a new kids tee design. Alterations is not my norm service but I do it from time to time. I’ve got 4 dress shirts to tailor and a request to do about 10 more 😩

In the world of finance, my recent recruit has made her first sale, set up her first Roth IRA client account and is almost ready to take her state test to be fully licensed. I’m so proud of her on this journey to become her own boss. I’m in the business of creating Boss Moms and I’m not stopping! Primerica is an awesome vehicle to get anyone on the road of being their own boss.


I’ve  also been working on an interior decorating project. It’s s going to look amazing and should be done by Tuesday! Look at all the clutter I had to work with.

Go Big Or Go Home: Building My Business


I’m finally winding it down for the night. My house is quiet as a mouse except for our puppy. She has the hiccups!


This week has been great and it’s not over yet. So what have I accomplished?

  • I got a new client simply by word of mouth.  It was the easiest sale by far.
  • I designed a new template for an epic outfit and it will arrive any day now! It’s inspired by a close friend of mine.
  • I decided to add my new mini Tee collection to the shop. I even added a coupon code TRIBE to get $5 off shipping site wide.

Now planning has been hard for me! So let’s start with accountability.

  • I will be studying the back end of my  store to tie up loose ends and help with promo.
  • In my finance biz I want to train 2-3 more people and get my investment license.

I’m ready to conquer the rest of the week. There’s so much to do, success is on the horizon!

Keeping Up With Business And Raising Babies: Reptar Mommy


My goodness it’s only halfway through the week and I’m running in circles. I’ve got a new collection launching, school is about to start and I’m training a new representative.

Staying grounded is of the the essence. I’m pretty excited with everything going on in my life and business. I purchased my first heat press FINALLY! I decided to take my brand to a new level and also offer my services. My hand painted t-shirts are dropping hopefully this weekend and vinyls Services will follow soon after.

So how about I almost have a 3yr old! He’s the last baby and it’s kind of sad that he’s all grown up. This is him at his check up this week.

I’m working on quite a few new garments this week, this one is a prototype of a brand new style of dress. Hopefully I like the way it turns out. I chose My Little Pony so my daughter can wear it on her birthday. That will be her party theme.

I also let her try on her new gold dress “Evelyn” it fits perfect and hopefully I can get a photoshoot in this weekend and add it to the shop.

I’m exhausted but I’m motivated. I’m calling myself Reptar Mommy because I’m running around like a mad woman and the kids think I’m crazy. Once they’re older, they’ll understand the madness.

Leaps and Bounds


Happy Hump Day! It’s #WindDownWednesday

In my world of sewing:

This week was pretty eventful for me. I’m working on two new dresses, Millie & Evelyn. Millie is the sister of George ( the fairy TuTu) and Evelyn is a hybrid of Rosette. More details of those garments will be explained on Sunday. I also revamped my Pearl tutu and am offering her at $40 instead of $60. Design is always trial and error, there’s always a better way to construct a garment and I love when it leads to better prices.

In this wonderful world of motherhood:

I finally registered my oldest in kindergarten and it’s so  surreal . She already had a peek into kindergarten through her leap program but now it’s getting real. I think I’ll have to do a full post on LEAP and how it’s helped her develop so well.

In my world of finance:

The team is GROWING and it’s pretty exciting. There’s so many families that need to receive the knowledge we’re giving and growing a team is the only way to reach them. I love helping families and I enjoy helping people come into this business. I never imagined myself being a financial representative, it’s nice to know I’m learning and helping others at the same time.